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What you see here on the left is a US Civil War era ginger beer bottle, recovered from a union campsite of the Atlanta Campaign.

To the right front of that bottle is a German WWI enameled steel cup, recovered from a Verdun dugout.

This one really is - and sets the tone for my theme this week (assuming my client doesn't flog me like a Brit sailor stealing grog by trying to get 6 weeks out of me in two weeks (we're going to have a one month break as this contract ends before the new one picks up where we leave off...) So, to give yourself a break from Bill's conundrum - Whatziss? Unlike me, if we ever figure out what Bill's gizmo is... That's what a floating needle looks like through that little window as you are alinging your aiming circle (director, in Commonwealth usage) to magnetic north. Now, in order to drag this out and have some cool posts on miltech, (at least *I* think so) we'll work our way through figuring out which one of whatever it is. While we wait on some more clues from Murray for his offering, I"ll give ya this one. Anyway, on our way in we see signs to a militaria show being held at the former Officer's Club, now grandiosely titled the Frontier Conference Center.

While they couldn't find a legal way to get any of them home (they could have had a good start on college money for their kids if they could have) they did bring home some parts...

and most importantly for the Arsenal - they brought home original CANVAS!

THAT attracted some attention - not just from the LTs, who were pleased to see some of their stuff appreciated and utilized, but the Brit Para re-enactors... and some of the Castle holdings may make a few road trips to regional re-enactment events. And I think next year, I'm going to rent a table (hey, it supports the Fort Leavenworth Historical Society) and do a display myself. Thank you for your service, Lieutenants - not just to the Castle PIAT, but more importantly, to the state, the nation, and hopefully, the Iraqis.

well, let's just say no one had seen a PIAT in the flesh and the Castle PIAT got fondled. We'll close with a shot of the baby-faced Lieutenant, who managed to do what I specifically warned him not to do - get the propelling charge for the PIAT stuck in the bomb (which took the combined intellect of SWWBO and I to get back out! ) Yesterday's post having hit a chord with some, here's a follow-up... The Castle Collection has *several* items in it related to drinking... Since this is a photo-heavy post, I'm going to put the rest in the Flash Traffic/Extended Entry.

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