Invalidating your feelings armenian dating in los angeles

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As difficult as it might be, suspend your own judgments and reactions to the situation or topic.

Temporarily let go of the need to advise, change, help or fix the situation.

There are a few key components to help guide your conversations. Mindful listening is the first component of validation.

This means you really pay attention to what your partner is saying.

Think back to the last time you really felt heard, understood, and listened to. You join their world and see things from their point of view.

Relationships that are the most successful are those where both partners share their inner world with one another -- their real thoughts, feelings and desires -- and where their partner, in turn, is able to really hear them.

The deeper component has more to do with you do together. Consistent, thoughtful validation of your partner's thoughts and feelings is the best thing you can do for your relationship.

), they aren't necessarily the strongest ways to connect with your loved one.

It wasn't my favorite, but I can tell that you had fun watching it." In this example, you're acknowledging your partner's enjoyment of something, without sharing the same sentiment.

One of the four options we have in any problem situation is acceptance.

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