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About 60% of the people she investigates have lied about something in their background. You can even send pictures of a completely new you.

"I don't think people are very truthful in these ads," says Diane, a thirty-something woman who has tried them.

It allows us to sort through more available people in a much quicker, easier way.""It really is the wave of the future," notes Brad Mindich, resident of, one of the largest online matchmaking services.

"You don't have to go to a bar, and you don't have to rely on friends to fix you up.""People are getting more and more comfortable with the idea of online dating," adds Diana Costa, founder of Love Nubian When it first came out people said it's not going to last.

With the leadership and expertise of Donna Rice Hughes, Enough Is Enough Program which was piloted in VA in partnership with my office when I was AG.

It's designed to prevent Internet crimes against children by empowering parents, educators, and caring adults to be the first line of defense. Mc Donnell, Governor of Virginia (EIE) and the Internet safety program you have created to protect children online.

"I think they have this fantasy of how they would like to come across, how they appear to themselves and it just isn't the reality of it."George Jobel, founder of, notes that when he started his site five years ago, people who logged on to the Web were in the upper two-thirds of the economic trata.

"But as the price of the technology has come down, the Internet more closely mirrors the national demographic.""Harry" (who would not give out his real name) agrees. I would never do it today - too many wackos out there. Now it's like the Wild Wild West."Still, for those willing to risk it, Cyberdating offers another venue for meeting Mr.

says that about 30,000 newcomers sign up each week, and that more than 800 marriages have taken place. People2People claims more than 1.5 million customers. In Richmond, Virginia, at least two men were robbed by two brothers after being lured to alleged meetings by a woman in an Internet chat room.

"I could relate to what she was saying about everything," says Charles Kemp about meeting his wife on the Internet.

"A lot of things she was saying were the same feelings I had.

"As former AG of VA and now as governor, it's a chief priority of my office to keep children safe online.

Protecting young people in a digital age is daunting.

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