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No, not the unveiling of Beijing’s first stealth fighter (though well done for remembering that. No, the announcement concerned the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) latest recruits.

10,000 of them had just been assigned to the Chengdu division. China’s PLA has a 10,000-strong official division of birds whose only discernable skill is pooping on statues of famous people.

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Let’s just say if they were having a contest for ‘biggest, craziest nation on planet Earth’, the Middle Kingdom would not only win hands down, it would leave all the other countries scratching their heads and saying “whoa, get a load of people living in China today, a whole billion more than there are living in the USA.The Three Gorges Dam is the only true engineering marvel on this planet deserving of the title ‘mind-blowing’. The dam is so big that its construction slowed the rotation of the entire planet. There’s something called the moment of inertia, which basically describes how fast an object can rotate about its axis.The largest dam yet built, it created a reservoir the size of the Kingdom of Bahrain. If the object is wider, it can rotate less-quickly, which is why Olympic divers curl up into a tight little ball when doing those crazy flips. Now, we should point out that the effect is microscopic.Remember last time tragedy struck, and you showed your solidarity by retweeting a hashtag?China’s parents laugh in the face of your low-level commitment to good causes.

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